Many tourists and adventurists consider rafting on the Cetina River to be one of their favourite pastimes while visiting the area. Come, relax and be enchanted by the freshness of untouched nature with the unique experience of rafting on the beautiful Cetina River.

Enjoy three hours of rafting on the nine kilometre-long route of one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers where you will see rapids, waterfalls, caves and the more serene parts of the river that is rich in flora and fauna.

Corporate Outings and Team Building Retreats are perfect scenarios for this rafting trip, as it will help build and develop the participants “team work” mantra.

Price is 45€ per person .

Children under 12 years has 40% of discount!

Reservations and information on [email protected] or +385 21695240 or can be booked through our reservation system!

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