Gornji Tučepi

Offering an immense number of possibilities as well as an unforgettable view of Tučepi and its surroundings. By walking around, you can admire the villages of Tučepi, the little churches, towers and water-springs; you can also visit the ethno-museum and the cathedral of St. Anthony.

Trip to Biokovo– With “Tip Extreme”

Discover the diverse beauty of the Biokovo Nature Park and its highest peak, Sv. Jure (1,762M) through a panoramic half-day trip with a professional guide. During this trip, you will see a new world of splendid Mediterranean beauty, which is rich in past and current traditions. Enjoy coffee, cake and homemade travarica (herbal brandy) while overlooking the coastal villages and islands, as well as the cultivated olive groves and terraces with barren soil. These motifs will forever remain in your mind.  Furthermore, we also offer our guests a CD containing photographs of Bikovo’s flora and fauna.


Makarska has always been the centre of the surrounding region known as the Makarska Riviera, both in an administrative, political and economic sense, as well as being a centre of culture, education, and since the mid twentieth century, tourism. In addition to the shrine of Vepric, other attractive, wooded areas are the parks on the peninsulas of Sveti Petar and Osejava. They are pleasant to visit, for those seeking recreation or simply a means to enjoy the surrounding nature and beautiful views of the city, sea and the islands, and of course, Biokovo.The best way to become familiar with the history of this city is by visiting the Franciscan monastery, which has recently celebrated its 500th anniversary.

The monastery boasts a picture gallery, a library, a one-of-a-kind Malaco-logical museum (dedicated to the study and preservation of molluscs) and the Institute of Mountains and Sea. The church of St. Marko is located on Kacic Square. On its north side we can find the Gojak gallery, located in the old school building, the public library, the school of music, and the headquarters of the Makarska Riviera radio.

The city museum can be found on the waterfront, as well as St. Filip’s church. The renovated church of St. Petar is located in St. Petar’s park, a spot with a beautiful view over the city, magnificent Mount Biokovo and the open sea.

Imotski (Lakes)

Imotski is located on the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dalmatia. There are two extraordinary lakes near Imotski – Crveno (the Red Lake) and Modro (the Blue Lake), beneath which lies the beautiful Imotsko polje (Imotski Field). These lakes are a favourite tourist spot for those looking to spend their holiday close to nature.


This picturesque town with its true Mediterranean atmosphere is located at the mouth of the river Cetina. It is approximately 21 kilometres southeast from Split, the largest Dalmatian city. Stone monuments are reminders of the rich and turbulent past of the notorious Omiš Pirates. The numerous beaches, bays, fresh air and crystal blue sea make the Omiš Riviera a picturesque resort for those looking for a serene vacation.

Hvar and Brač

The island of Hvar, one of the world’s most beautiful islands, is also known as the “Sunniest Island” due to its many hours of sunshine per year. It is a paradise for sailors thanks to its wonderful bays and sandy beaches. Brač, the neighbouring island, is famous for its beautiful pebble beach Zlatni Rat, which is one of the most popular destinations on the Adriatic coast for surfers and kite-surfers.


The largest Dalmatian city and the second largest Croatian city is also known as the “City of Museums”. Among them, the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments is a special place for all who visit. Besides this, Diocletian’s Palace, the ancient palace of the Emperor Diocletian, is a must-see cultural building for anyone visiting the city.


Solin is situated in central Dalmatia, northeast of Split. This small town is famous for its ancient archaeological sites and rich Mediterranean culture.


Known as a beautiful town on the UNESCO World Heritage list, this small town near Split is famous for its old town centre and rich cultural heritage. Some of the sights that can be seen in Trogir are: St. Lawrence’s Cathedral, Kamerlengo Castle, the South City Gate, St. Mark’s Tower and the City Museum.

Neretva Valley and the Narona Museum

The Neretva Valley is an extraordinary landscape of swamps, lagoons, lakes, beaches, rivers and mountains, which create a mosaic of natural beauty. It also includes five protected areas. The Neretva landscape is perfect for walking and cycling tours. Located near Metković is the Narona Archaeological Museum, which was built above a temple dedicated to the god Augustus and where 15 statues of Roman emperors were found on its unique archaeological site.


The island of Marco Polo (whose birthplace is next to the cathedral in the town of Korčula), is a tourist destination famous for its wine, olives and rich culture and historical heritage. Korčula has preserved its tradition of knightly tournaments – Moreška, a dynamic, battle sword dance. It has also built its cultural identity with other spectacular processions.


The city of Dubrovnik, located at the south end of Croatia, is a pearl of the world’s cultural heritage and a city with a unique past. Its numerous monuments, forts, city walls, museums, cathedrals and houses make it an attractive tourist destination.

Međugorje and Međugorje Ethno Village

Međugorje is situated near the town of Čitluk and is one of the most famous Marian shrines where believers from all parts of the world come. The Međugorje Ethno Village is a unique hotel-tourist complex, which opened at the end of 2008. Guests are provided with a complete tourist service in the 50 establishments made of stone in the authentic environment of Međugorje.


The city of Mostar is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the banks of the river Neretva, and is said to be one of the most beautiful cities there. It was named after the bridge keepers – mostari. Stari Most (The Old Bridge) as well as after the old city of Mostar which, since 2005 have been classified as being a protected cultural site by UNESCO.

Hiking trails (Podgora, Makarska, the old village of Tučepi)

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